Here we are less than two months out from Election Day (November 3) in the biggest shit show election in our Constitution’s history. On the one side, the incumbent, Republican, Donald J. Trump, on the other, the challenger, Democrat, Joseph Biden.

The election will come down to the lesser of two evils. An election where Democrat run states are reluctantly giving up quarantine status and still trying to force mail voting. Penalties will be doled out for those governors int eh next fours years for treating their electorate like a bunch of children to be punished.

So Trump or Biden. Depends on what you want. Trump, who has been trying to reduce the size of the US Government where it can be cut or Biden who already wants to removed the trump tax cuts and use that money to create $10,000,000 dollars worth of phantom jobs.

Phantom Jobs like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama created. Useless jobs where nothing is produced, but people are paid fro being busy with some non commercial government activity, like painting murals on buildings.

The only way to create permanent sustaining jobs is bring manufacturing back into the USA from oversees. Look how the car companies remained productive building ventilators during the height of the COVID emergency. Albeit cars are not as profitable as automobiles, but workers were employed in a needed activity. Painting murals is not a need activity.

And what about the two faced Democrats. Nancy Pelosi going around, talking smack. Alwasy in her face mask, then forcing her hairdresser to open to style her hair. Joe Biden, telling how he is going to fight the virus. Late to the show Joe, who got late into the race, stole e thunder from Bernie Sanders, and now runs the most pitiful campaign form his basement.

Slow Joe only talks the virus and phantom jobs, whereas Donald J. got America to make medical supplies, and more important got US Pharma on the virus vaccine. US Pharma is a competitive group. Pulling those head honchos together for the greater good of the world is the best thing Donald J has done.

Granted COVID is still floating around. Granted some are still out of work, part because their economy is still in quarantine, and part because the children are still remotely learning.

Granted rioting over police brutality is occurring. Rioting fueled by left leaning radicals who are just trouble makers. The real committed social justice protesters are trying peacefully to protest; while radical anarchist element uses violence.

Granted Donald J. is not anyone’s real favorite. However I have to admire his spunk and honest speak. Donald J. does not color and code his speech, like our career politicians. He is real.

Well I want four more years of reality, not phantom democracy from a phantom Democrat who takes the Democrat stance of using and infectious disease to pursue higher office. Neither Donald J. Trump or Joseph Biden could prevent COVID, but I would rather stick to the plan of the man who is trying what he can to flatten the curve, Donald J. Trump.

Are you better off now then 4 years ago, then vote Trump, if not go ahead and vote for Basement Joe.