It is clear that Meagan Markle always had a plan, while many may have been riveted to the story told on CBS last nigth, I look at it as part of her act. She has managed to bamboozle Harry into a belief that his family is against her. A story she has played out with her own family. A woman alienated from her father and siblings.

But the House of Windsor is not Meagan Markle. While stoic and business oriented for the good of Great Britain, it has always been clear the Queen loves her family deeply and will protect…

Now that the what good the 45th Presidency did accomplish has melted down to resignations and attempted takeover of the Capitol, I have been thinking hard on what has occurred. Lincoln said it best as in the quote below:

And those that voted for Trump’s second term were fooled. We swallowed the Kool-aid. But ON wednesday, Janaury 6, 2021, the horror of the American grown terrorism and five deaths served as the erect antidote to Trumpism.

Today it came to me, the people in history to another would be savior, Adolf Hitler. Hitler and Trump practised the same rules. Promise…

Here we are less than two months out from Election Day (November 3) in the biggest shit show election in our Constitution’s history. On the one side, the incumbent, Republican, Donald J. Trump, on the other, the challenger, Democrat, Joseph Biden.

The election will come down to the lesser of two evils. An election where Democrat run states are reluctantly giving up quarantine status and still trying to force mail voting. Penalties will be doled out for those governors int eh next fours years for treating their electorate like a bunch of children to be punished.

So Trump or Biden…

Nancy Tomoney

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